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Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool
Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool

Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool

Sight Pusher Sight Pusher Tool, Heavy Duty Pistol Rear Sight Pusher for Glock,Adjustment Sight Pusher for Handguns Semi-Auto Pistol Slides
2,935.00 ฿ THB 5,502.00 ฿ THB Save 2,567.00 ฿ THB
  • 【Advantages】We have researched many high end brands of Sight Pusher Tool and it has the same quality as the high end brands with three improvements 1. Made of more durable material that will not scratch your slide 2. Stable adjustable base platform, unlike others which are unstable and not straight 3. Designed to be fully adjustable with three available knob positions to safely secure the slider.You can't go wrong and can easily adjust the slider.
  • 【Well-made】This pistol pusher tool is made of more durable materials ,The main body is made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum and iron, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easily damaged,Nylon plastic pads are installed on the left and right sides to protect from abrasion. Unlike other cheaper sight pusher which are easily damaged and the side handles are easily bent and broken.
  • 【Calibration Scale】There is a calibration scale on the top of the sight tool, which you can fine-tune and make the movement of the push block more Convenience.You can also check the alignment of the front sight and the push block through the sides of the toolbox. This avoids damage to the sight caused by errors, and also allows you to have a better use experience.
  • 【Easy to use and portable】This pistol rear sight tool is available in an exclusive custom foam packaging box,In view of other product on the market are difficult to get started, we designed this easy to use tool with instructions for use,so even entry-level shooters can easily use it. The pusher tool is small in size,not bulky and portable, you can take it to the shooting site , which is very convenient.
  • 【Applicability】This Rear Sight Pusher is perfect for Glock Square Slides.Applicable for Glock 17 26 19 43 etc.Not applicable to front sight, angled or notched slides such as XD, M&P,XDM,Caniks or Shield.Each product will go through strict QC inspection before delivery, If you are not satisfied with any,we offer a free money back guarantee, no questions asked!(NOTE: Not Applicable To Front Sight)

It is a great sight pusher indeed, you won't be disappointed!


  • Our rear sight pusher tool comes in an easy to carry storage box with instructions for entry level users.
  • Made of more durable material, wear-resistant and not easily damaged, with nylon plastic pads on the left and right sides for protection.
  • This sight pusher is perfect for Glock square slides.Applicable for Glock 17 26 19 43 etc.


NOTE: Rear Sight Pusher do not apply to front sight,angled or notched slides such as Springfield XD, Sig P series ,M&P,XDM,Caniks or Shield.

Sight Pusher

Calibrating The Scale


  • The top bracket can be adjusted to prevent jittering up, making the front push block more stable.
  • There is a calibration scale for more convenient fine adjustment of the sight.


Sight Pusher

Single Slide Side Clamp Design


  • Only need to adjust the slide side clamp on 1 side to fix the gun and with protective pads on the left and right sides,so it makes operation more stable, easier and faster.
  • Other products that use slide clamps on both sides to hold the gun in place, this can lead to unstable operation and easily scratched.


Sight Tool

Adjustable Base


  • Nylon plastic pads are fitted to the left and right sides for protection.
  • The stability of our bases is better than other products and the separation of the wheels from the base makes adjustment easier.


Sight Pusher Tool

Adjusting the Pusher Resistance

(Tips for Attention)


  • Loosen the screw with ahex wrench
  • Then turn the main knob to the left and fixed with ahex wrench to promote the problem of resistance loosening and tightening