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Tom: Do I Need an E bike Helmet? - Customer Review for Junjam® Magnetic Attractive Goggles E-bike Helmet.

Jul 27,2023 | Junjam® Electric Bike Helmet Online Store

Video Copyright: https://www.youtube.com/@everythingebike


Tom:"If you're looking for a a triple certified e-bike helmet, which meets NTA-8776, and protects your head in collisions up to 28mph, you should definitely check out the Junjam E-bike Helmet with Magnetic Goggles".

It has a PC shell and EPS foam lining. It has a rechargeable rear led with three illumination modes. The liner is removable and washable. It comes with a motocross style visor, a removable brim, and magnetic goggles to protect your eyes at high speeds. It comes in three sizes and four colors. It weights in at 12.8 ounces. 


Video Subtitles

I'd like to talk to you today about e-bike helmet, in particular the Junjam e-bike helmet with Magnetic goggles that I'm wearing.

Here it is without the magnetic goggles, here are the goggles, installed very nice good for those sunny days.

We're keeping the wind out of your eyes any other things that are coming 20 miles an hour.

You might be asking Tom, why do I need any bike helmet?

There's no National mandate there's no local laws. 

That say I have to wear one well that might be true.

At the Cleveland Clinic says it were an E-bike helmet Deuces your chance of head injuries by 60 percent.

it also reduces the chance of a traumatic brain injury by 53 percent, and wearing e-bike helmets the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured every year by 34 percent.

interesting fact is that the human facial bones and skull can withstand an impact up to 10 miles per hour.

but with new e-bikes class one two and three achieving speeds up to 28 miles per hour riding without a helmet is just risky.

I'd rather have that insurance only have one brain.

We're going to protect the Noggin.
because when it came in the Box was a nice noise black colored helmet a USB charger, a washable and removable Brim, keeps the light out of your eyes a standard Motocross style visor.

Like I'm wearing right now and the Magnetic goggles that I'm wearing all in all very nice helmet very comfortable, good airflow 12 vents get your head nice and cool.

Another reason you wear an e-bike helmet is for visibility this helmet happens to have a built-in LED on the back three modes.

so let's talk about what e-bike helmets are made of e-bike helmets use a foam called EPS expanded polystyrene.

you might have known it under its trademark name by Dupont of Styrofoam that's right same foam that you use in coolers but of a higher grade and that foam acts like an airbag.

once it's expanded and made it to that helmet has an impact it collapses and acts like an airbag for your brain.

so normal big box cheap bicycle helmets rated up to 15 miles an hour are made of eps and they usually have a lightweight covering on them.

that's something like a polyvinyl chloride almost like a sticker um some of them will have abs.

if it's a little bit higher quality a good quality helmet like the Junjam has a polycarbonate shell with the EPS foam.

so it's the best of both worlds so bicycle helmets are rated to different standards.

all bicycle helmets since 1999 have had to receive the consumer safety product Commission approval to be sold in the United States the Europeans, with the committee European came up 
with the en78. 

standard for e-bike helmets these allowed lightweight e-bike helmets that covered the top of the head a lot of them were used for racing bikes.

so when you see those rice those Racers and those lightweight helmets.

that's what those were well with the Advent of e-bikes 2015 the Dutch got together and issued the Dutch Trade Agreement 8776 and it sets standards for helmets that were going to be 
used on class 1 Class 2 and class 3 e-bikes up to 28 miles per hour.

well JunJam e-bike helmet it's triple certified beats the cspc standard it meets the CE standard and it meets the NTA 8776 standard.

class one two and three e-bikes that I ride I want the insurance of a helmet rated to 28 miles per hour.

the Junjam helmet comes in three sizes small medium and large.

I'm wearing a medium on about seven and three quarters.

it's beautifully has a nice adjustment screw on the back so you can tighten it down get a perfect fit nice and stable no wobble.

the Junjam e-bike helmet comes in four colors acapella White Jazz blue ultimate Gray and noise black.

like I'm wearing the Junjam helmet weighs in at 360 grams or 12.8 ounces.

so it's nice and light feels good on the head.


Product in the video:

E-bike helmet in the Tom’s video

Online Store Link: https://www.junjam.com/products/e-bike-helmet-magnetic-goggles

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.it/Junjam-Certificato-Bicicletta-Protettivi-Rimovibili/dp/B0C2P6M127/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Junjam&qid=1688981781&sr=8-1