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Junjam Electric Bike Helmet: with Removable Screw Goggles

Jul 05,2023 | Junjam® Electric Bike Helmet Online Store

As cycling enthusiasts, we all know that safety is paramount. And when it comes to cycling, protecting our head is of utmost importance. Today, I want to introduce you to an impressive helmet - the Junjam Electric Bike Helmet. This helmet not only offers excellent protection but also comes with a range of exciting features. Let’s dive in and learn more!

  1. Knob Style Helmet with Removable Screw Goggles: The Junjam Electric Bike Helmet features a unique knob design, making it convenient and comfortable to wear. Additionally, the helmet comes with removable screw goggles, effectively protecting your eyes from wind, sand, and debris. This design not only provides better visibility but also enhances safety during your rides.

  2. LED Rear Light with Three Display Modes: To enhance visibility for cyclists, the Junjam Electric Bike Helmet is equipped with an LED rear light. This light offers three display modes, including steady, flashing, and breathing modes, allowing you to choose the most suitable mode for different riding environments. It not only attracts the attention of other vehicles but also serves as a reminder for vehicles and pedestrians behind you.

  1. 12 Vents for Perfect Ventilation: During cycling, our heads tend to sweat, making proper ventilation crucial. The Junjam Electric Bike Helmet features 12 vents that effectively dissipate heat and moisture, keeping your head dry and comfortable. This design not only provides excellent ventilation but also reduces the weight of the helmet, enhancing overall comfort.

  2. Adjustable Straps: The Junjam Electric Bike Helmet comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the fit according to your head circumference. This ensures stability and comfort while wearing the helmet. This design makes the helmet suitable for heads of different sizes, providing a better wearing experience for cyclists.

  3. CE, CPSC, GCC, NTA Certified: The Junjam Electric Bike Helmet has obtained certifications from CE, CPSC, GCC, and NTA, demonstrating its compliance with international safety standards. This means that the helmet has undergone rigorous testing and validation, providing reliable protection for cyclists.


Conclusion: The Junjam Electric Bike Helmet stands out with its unique design and outstanding features, making it the top choice for cyclists. Whether it’s the knob-style helmet, removable screw goggles, LED rear light with three display modes, or the perfect ventilation provided by the 12 vents, Junjam showcases its commitment to cycling safety and innovation. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, this helmet is definitely worth a try! Remember, safety starts with your head.


Choose the Junjam Electric Bike Helmet and add peace of mind and enjoyment to your cycling journey!